Cycling Race Held In Kabul For Peace, Harmony

At least 100 cyclists participated in a cycling race in Kabul to promote peace and harmony in the country.

The cyclists started the race by releasing doves and balloons in the air. Their destination was Omid-e-Sabz Township in the west of Kabul. 

The distance of the race was 12 kilometers for boys and six kilometers for girls. The girls ended their race at Darul Aman Palace. 

“Such events should be held often to help female cyclists build their capacity in the sport,” said Kubra Samimi, a cyclist. 

The National Cycling Federation had borrowed the bicycles for most of the cyclists and according to the cyclists, some of the bicycles were not working properly and they faced problems on their way.

“The distance for the female cyclists was from Dehmazang up to Darul Aman. The bicycles had lots of technical problems. They were borrowed for us by the National Cycling Federation,” said Latifa Ahmadi, a cyclist. 

Farshad got the first position among boys and Zahra won the race among girls.

“Many cyclist had attended the event and it was a good experience,” said Farshad. 

The move comes as peace has turned into a much-debated topic among Afghans as they have hopes that this is the time for the people to move forward towards a peaceful Afghanistan in the near future.  

Cycling Race Held In Kabul For Peace, Harmony

2019-03-27 09:18:08