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 Musharikat works with women from across Afghanistan providing them training and guidance on advocacy skills. The project team then works with members to help them form themselves into groups or “coalitions” that then use their advocacy skills to improve the lives of all Afghan women. Examples of their work at both national and provincial level includes:

Women’s Political Participation Coalition encourage women to register to vote and raised awareness of women’s issues with candidates

Access to Education Coalition worked with the Ministry of Education and women in their communities to ensure teacher candidate testing was transparent and that women are given a “fair chance”

The Violence Against Women Coalition worked with the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs to raise awareness about the many negative issues surrounding child/forced marriages and actually prevented several child marriages

See full success stories in "Success History" section of this page.

Other coalitions work on Access to Economic Opportunity, Access to Health, Access to Justice, and the two newest Coalitions are – Women in Peace Process and Harassment of Women and Girls – please see brochures for the coalitions in "Brochures" section of this page.

Most importantly, contact Musharikat at the following local offices and begin the registration process on line in the box to the right!


Kabul                    Mazar                   Kandahar             Herat                  Jalal Abad

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