APS Number Musharikat-021-002

DAI, implementer of the Musharikat project is seeking Concept Papers from qualified Local Afghan non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organizations (CSOs/NGOs) to fund a program entitled “Provision of Counselling Services to GBV Survivors”. Interested applicants are expected to implement women’s empowerment services or to carry out activities in support of Musharikat’s objectives in Afghanistan. See section A Program Description for a complete statement of goals and expected results. Eligibility for this award is not restricted. See Section C of this Annual Program Statement (APS) for eligibility requirements.

DAI on behalf of USAID anticipates awarding up to 10 grants to fund successful applications submitted in response to this APS. Competition for this APS will be open for 2 months from the date of announcement indicated above. All concept papers for review in the first round of evaluations are due by March 15, 2021. It is likely that all of the available funds for this APS may be allocated to awards resulting from the first round of evaluations. Successful concept papers APS No.

that fall within the criteria set forth in this APS may be invited to submit full applications. Successful applications will be selected for funding by DAI Musharikat. At the discretion of DAI, applications received after the first round of evaluations may be considered on a rolling basis or as part of another round of evaluations.

The length of the proposed programs can be up to 4 months. The total amount of funding currently available for this APS is approximately USD 500,000 equivalent for a period of up to July 15, 2021. DAI may choose to fully fund or incrementally fund the selected application(s). The number of awards and amount of available funding is subject to change and DAI reserves the right to fund any or none of the applications.

This APS is seeking applicants to propose effective approaches to help and support GBV survivors recover from the psychological effects they are suffering from through provision of psychosocial services and counseling as outlined in Section A. Applicants may choose among a range of initiatives or scale up small projects that have demonstrated success. Awardees will be expected to share evaluation results and key lessons and disseminate periodic activities and outcomes with the broader community.

To be eligible for award, the applicants must provide all information as required in this APS and meet eligibility standards in Section C of this Annual Program Statement. This funding opportunity is posted on www.acbar.org and Musharikat Knowledge Management (MKMP) portal on www.musharikat.com. Interested applicants should regularly check the website to ensure they have the latest information pertaining to this APS. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the APS has been received from the internet in its entirety. Musharikat bears no responsibility for data errors resulting from transmission or conversion process. If you have difficulty accessing the APS, please contact the Grants Dept. of Musharikat via email at Musharikat_queries@dai.com for guidance.

Any questions concerning this APS should be submitted in writing no later than the time indicated at the top of this cover letter to queries_musharikatgrants@dai.com. All questions will be reviewed and answered on a rolling basis. Responses to all questions will be consolidated and issued to potential applicants in a single file within 3 days after the deadline for questions.

Applications supporting GBV survivors from outside the geographic focus will not be considered. Applicants must demonstrate success in managing cultural and political considerations in Afghanistan as well as success in addressing DAI’s development objectives.

Thank you for your interest in DAI Musharikat activities